What do our customers say about us?

What do our clients say about us? Read these testimonials to find out how Investoute has helped other businesses.

Estate Agent wants to reduce their telecoms costs without reducing quality

As a small Estate Agent with a handful of offices we wanted to better manage our telecoms and broadband costs without changing our telephone and IT systems but without reducing quality.


Investroute provided a seamless transition without us even realising the switchover had taken place when the big day came - and went!


Estate Agent MD quotes "I fully recommend Investroute to any company looking for a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy company to better manage their costs while maintaining quality & reliability."

Staffing agency looking to integrate home workers and satellite offices

We approached Investroute because we wanted to integrate a growing number of home workers and a small number of satellite offices in UK & Europe with our main UK office.


Investroute suggested a Hosted VoIP solution due to its flexibility and seamless call transfer between all employees, regardless of their geographic location. Call costs were also drastically reduced by avoiding costly international calls. It also meant avoiding expensive outlays on new telephone systems and infrastructure. We now have total control via our own web portal interface for making simple changes such as add/change/delete employee names/extension numbers and call diverts / forwarding without having to call in an engineer and waiting weeks for him to arrive.

Car Leasing company wants to combine main office with remote sales agents

We asked Investroute to recommend a flexible solution that enabled our main office to easily transfer calls to number of sales agents located in different parts of the UK and even abroad. We knew we would move offices within 6 months so flexibility was essential so we could move our telecoms equipment easily and without changing our numbers.


Investroute recommended the different options and the benefits of each. We eventually decided on a hosted PaBX solution which suited our needs perfectly and enabled a simple transition to our new offices.

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